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About Ginger

Hello ...

Thank you for visiting my balloon/face painting page. :-)


I started balloon twisting in the mid 90's. I worked in restaurants twisting balloons for customers as they waited for their food. Then I began face painting and dressing up as a clown. I stopped doing balloons and face painting for years to go back to school to learn computer graphic and design. Years later, after having my first child, I decided to start up ballooning and face painting for her birthday parties and then I started doing stuff for the mom's club I was a member of.


I watched Youtube video's to brush up on my balloon and face painting skills and opened up for business when people would ask me if I do this on the side. I thought I did it once, why not again. 


I am available to do balloon twisting or face painting or both for your party.


Fill out my contact form or give me a call, text or email to check my availability for your party or event.


I will list any main events I'll be either balloon twisting or face painting at. 


If you need any entertaining or fund raising for your group, event or party, contact me. :-)

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